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The stuff I make, and wish there was more of. Because that's how I am.

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The stuff I wish I could make, but instead others make.


Well... this is a pretty humorous picture, to put it lightly, not to mention as in-character as you could possibly make it for Usopp. P...

Okay, this reminds me of a certain story that I've written, where some dudes were in a bathhouse rather than chicks. It had nothing to ...

Well then, let's get started, shall we? For starters, I like the idea of centralism being tossed out the window. You bring more of a na...

Now, as a One Piece fan, I must say, I very much enjoy how in-character you have Robin's reactions here. Yes, this not being OOC is a n...


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This is to get me to a comfortable position on deviantART. That being slightly loaded in points.

Just kidding. It's for me to show my awesomeness and the awesomeness of others to, well, others. Or something.

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Ryuko Time
Ryuko Time is a commission series where people can go nuts with what they want Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill to experience... within my limits, obviously.  That's right: I string together several random requests regarding Ryuko Matoi in a way where it become one coherent story.  That being said, One Piece is the series it's currently crossing over with. So yeah, go nuts, but keep in mind that my writing magic will be felt even here.

Price: 20:points: (may be subject to change)
Persona 4 Brig
You know that one videogame Persona 4? That one really, really good game?

Well I've decided to make a little commission stand about it. That's right: 40:points: will get me to making one of these stories.

Unlike Ryuko Time, these stories won't exactly connect together. (Though I can easily recind that statement later.) But they will ALWAYS be really good.

So, what'cha waiting for?



Guys, if you're just replying to me from one comment stream, please reply from other comments. Chances are, I care about those conversations more at the moment. Had a hardy work day.
Before 10:00 AM, and after 3:00 PM East Coast Time (adjust for your timezone), I'll be in commission to do writing.
I know this is Homestuck, and not everyone likes it, but fuck it: This track is godlike.

Ego-Man here, linking to THIS thing right here:
character design sketch requests!i really need to practise character design aa,,
so give me 3 words in a comment down below and i'll design a character based off of those 3 words for you!
for example, "witch, ice cream, memes"
would get you something like this:

1) please post this in a poll and/or journal, and include that journal link in your comment! i'd like to at least get a little bit of recognition/acknowledgement for this! :''D (for example, you could just write "hey! kiddswithproblems is doing a cool sketch thing! check it out! -journal link-")
2) you can do whatever you want with the design afterwards! use it, or don't! I don't mind!
3) if this gets popular enough, please don't comment more than 3 times a day!
just as a note, I do have a lot of owed art so these will probably come after that, or as warm-ups. c':
thank you!

kiddswithproblems is doing this whole thing, where you just gotta request them a picture to draw in three words, for them to get right onto drawing.  Nothing else much, really.  Check it out!


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Grant Nesselroad
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I have several year periods to where I stay at a state before moving into another one, I'm a writer, not a fighter, and I'm something of a major gamer first, with stuff like anime and movies coming second. And when it comes to anime, Dubs FTW. Oh, and also Chinese films. Comments would be greatly appreciated.

Okay, there's more to me than that. For those of you who don't know, or haven't read my stories, I am what you would call an anti-shipper. Not only do I not ship, I actually mock shipping in my stories. You know, point out how unlikely the ship actually is. That's because of this little thing I like to call: OTP. An OTP is essentially what fans clingy onto as their "One True Pairing". These get roasted by me. ALL of them. In One Piece in specific, the main characters have a bond that makes romance look weak in comparison. They don't exactly have to love eachother, but then, they trust eachother with their lives. Shipping misses the entire point of that show in my opinion. Thus, I don't ship.

Oh, and one more thing:

Frasier by ovstamps, Anti Yaoi Stamp by dementedmonkey, We Bare Bears Stamp by Amalockh1, Bleach Stamp by JackdawStamps, Etrian Odyssey - Stamp by Dre00iz, Undertale Stamp by slayer-plz, Anti-IchiRuki by Flare-Flare, Shikeyy Support Stamp by rockettreverie, Agnostic Stamp by AirieFeristo, Anti-Shipping stamp by shawnguku

Post the following if you engage in RPs:


:iconthestuffingpirates: :iconheta-sanctum:

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Oh shiet, you're on already!  Let me read and critique.
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Good Morning, Ego-Man. I've read One Piece Chapter 856. And Guess What?

Your Prophecy has been fulfilled.

Now they're Ready to Fight Back!
Ego-Man25 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I LOVE it when I'm right!
Donkenobi1995 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017
Good news Ego-Man, I've read the latest chapter of One Piece and things are starting to take a turn for the better from both sides.

To mark the amazing feat, I'm playing a song from "Paper Mario: Color Splash" A Fitting fanfare for the two completed objectives.…
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