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Alolan Trial 11: Tropical Meadows
he first thing that Mao did when he got in the cave, was spray Repel on him, before grabbing the TMs inside. (One of them was a Brick Break.)
"Fucking Zubats, I'm not in the MOOD thank you very much!" Mao shouted out.
"SCREEEEE!!!" A cluster of Zubats screeched out, contemplating chasing after Mao, and NOT chasing after Mao, for Repel Spray was around him.
"...Okay good." Mao said, walking slowly but surely towards the exit. "Just make it... just make it... just... make it..."
He stepped outside. "Boom, done."
Captain Ilima was standing right outside the cave entrance. "Greetings.  Captain Ilima here."
Mao opened his Pokedex for his GameFAQS walkthrough. "So, captain's barricades.  Those are a thing, yeah?"
"Here and there, correct." Ilima answered. "They help mark where particularily strong Pokemon are.  Of course, with particularily stronger TRAINERS, anyone could be escourted through these, no problem."
"Naturally, those attempting to go through the island trial, can
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 3 18
Waveside Guard: The Art Of War (Part 2)
Continuing With Part 2...
So with that, Shelly, Ritchie, Maxwell and Slash walked westward, and soon crossed over to the Emerald Dukedom, where the Emeraldites greeted them with hellos and such.
"...Anyone remember when Barry was a thing?" Ritchie asked.
"Oh him?" Shelly asked. "I currently sent him over to the Waveside Military Barracks for construction purposes.  Maybe see if that's a Mystery Dungeon or not."
"...It's been days then." Maxwell said. "...I think he's gonna be fine, though."
"Same here." Shelly agreed.
With that, the 4 soon approached the Emerald Palace, the magnificence ever present.
Shelly pushed the doors open. "Hello?  Julius?"
Archduke Julius sat at his throne, green robe and all, when he raised his right arm. "Come in, Shelly.  And following company as well."
Shelly thus walked forward, with Ritchie, Max and Slash following. "Please forgive us for arriving so late at night, sir."
The emerald chandeliers glowed a modestly bright green.
"You ar
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 2 8
Alolan Trial 10: Ancient Chinese Secret
The next place that Mao stopped by, was the Berry Fields. "Huh.  It just SEEMED like the right thing to do."
He then saw those two Team Skull mooks, an old man, a Delibird "Delibird, the Delivery Pokemon.", AND what appeared to be a Berry Tree, absolutely JACKED with Berries.
"...I'm sorry, I just can't stand here, and let my glory get taken from me." Mao said, closing in on the situation in question.
"You got a lame bunch of Berries, so Team Skull is your adversary!" Grunt A said. "Takin' Berries off your hands is just the start of our plans, yo!"
"Let's get Figy with it!" Grunt B said. "Watch while I Nanab some Berries!"
"...Oh my God, that was so awful...!" Mao cringed. "Will Smith... you fuckers... it's Will Smith...!"
The old dude shook his head. "I'll share my Berries with Pokemon for free, but you'll not have a single one from me!"
"So what?  I'm lower than a Pokemon?!"  Grunt A asked, styling over to the old dude. "I already GOTS self esteem issues, man!"
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 5 40
Ninten: First Earthbound Hero by Ego-Man25 Ninten: First Earthbound Hero :iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 10 64
Waveside Guard: The Art Of War (Part 1)
At Night...
At the clay housing district of Waveside, at the governmental official's building, Shelly the Simipour was finishing up her papers for the day surprisingly early. "...Yes!  Alright, almost done...!"
There was a knock on the door.
Shelly signed the last of the documents, before turning around. "Come in!  I just got done!"
In walked the Gallade Maxwell, who seemed... off. "...We need a guild in town."
"...Hah?" Shelly asked, caught off guard.
Maxwell cleared his throat. "Excuse me, Shelly.  But... yeah, you know of my guild experience enough, right?"
"Graduated from The Krookodile Guild, yep!" Shelly nodded. "And, might I just say that as a fellow Explorer that I'm impressed?"
"...Wait, you too are an Explorer?" Max asked, caught off guard.
"Yeah huh!" Shelly answered. "How else do you think I found this lovely town spot?"
"...I mean, you never really TALK about it." Max said. "Or... fight, for that matter." He paused. "...Then again, a mind scan SHOULD
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 4 12
How Rabbids Go Home Should Have Ended
(A/N: Ego-Man speaking here, and... yeah, this is now relevant.)
Ubisoft, essentially that one cool uncle in a gaming industry filled with competing companies.  They gave us Prince of Persia, Assassins Creed, Just Dance, some robot game on the N64, Watch_Dogs, and of course their crowning jewel and mascot: Rayman.  These games are awesome, and with Origins and Legends out, they aren't going ANYWHERE anytime soon.  Truly, they got their shit figured out.
However...let us go back...back to the Dark Age of Rayman. Back when Ubisoft decided to stick its beloved mascot with a creature so unbelievable vial, that it didn't seem to have ANYTHING to do with the games whatsoever...the Raving Rabbids.
At the time, it was seemingly innocent.  Rayman whacking at all these sick demented rabbits?  Sold.  And the first game seemed to hold up to that pretty well.
Apparently though, someone got the wrong message and thought that the Rabbids were popular bec
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 4 49
Liedia Island: Chapter 1
(A/N: Originally, this WAS just going to be some one-shot... but I've since started thinking about the potential here.)
It was barely the crack of dawn. The sun was barely out yet, but once could see just a tiny bit of its light beyond the sea. The Straw Hats still slept soundly on the Thousand Sunny, which was moored at the shore of an island, the gentle waves rocking her up and down... well, all except for one member (Luffy) pacing back and forth on the main deck already.
"...New island... new island... new island..." Luffy repeated over and over, the anticipation getting to him. "...Why did we get here LATE?  New island..."
A thought crossed his mind: 'This is like that one time you tried to deal with that fridge.'
"...No, you will not explore without another person, Luffy." Luffy told himself. "You'll probably be yelled at, but you will NOT do something like that."
Cue Leo the cat genie appearing. "...Is this one of your one shot adventures?"
"Probably..." Luffy sighed.
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 4 17
Alolan Trial 9: A Heavier Chapter
Mao was setting out to Route 2, when he heard a familiar voice: "Oh!  Wait for me, Mao!"
"Fuck, what is it NOW?" Mao asked as he turned around, only to see Lillie. "Oh.  Hey there."
Lillie soon caught up to Mao, brushing dirt off of her dress. "Sorry about that.  It's just that I get lost so quickly, so it's always nice to see a familiar face."
"I take it the roads are hard to figure out, and the clothes hard to buy?" Mao asked.
"That exactly, yes." Lillie sighed, before shaking her head. "...But you?  You're headed to your first trial on Verdant Cavern, correct?"
"Eyup." Mao answered, turning on his GameFAQS walkthrough on his Pokedex.
"I read something in an old book once." Lillie said. "It said that the island challenges were once a journey made to prove yourself and gain the strength to battle against the guardian deities of Alola.  Like Tapu Koko."
"...I mean, it still kinda DOES feel like that." Mao said.
"The people in Iki Town said that Tapu Koko loves
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 3 41
A Letter To LuNa Shippers
Dear LuNa Shippers:
For two years now, I've been staying silent about whether or not I should say a word about all of you as a whole, or the SHIP as a whole.  After all, a good amount of my friends are LuNa shippers.  I wouldn't want to offend THOSE guys, now would I?
But seeing as how I just recently decided to ship myself, and it was with ZoNa, I was wondering if I would DARE be in a position to say anything again about my feelings on the LuNa ship.  Clearly, that would only be because I'm "an unreasonable ZoNa fan", or something.
Still, I can't stay silent.  So I'm just going to say this: I think that a lot of you... are conformists.  Not ALL of you, mind, but a lot of you.  Luffy and Nami are two icons of the One Piece franchise, and like all anime, there has been a good amount of shiptease between the two.  But then, there is ship tease with all of the Straw Hats towards eachother.  Zoro and Nami, Nami and Sanji, Zoro and Robin, the l
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 4 17
When Your Next One Shot Reveals That You SHIP...
(A/N: ...I tried, guys.  Honestly, I fucking tried.  I tried to dodge this whole matter all together by waging war against every shipper out there.  I TRIED.  BUT, in the end... it was only really a matter of preference on what pairing I preferred.  Yes, biggest hypocrite out there, I KNOW.  So here I go!)
Zoro was up in the Crow's Nest, meditating deeply. '...What am I doing...?'
There was a knock on the trap door.
Zoro got up. "...Ugh... WHAT...?"
Cue the door being pushed open, Nami climbing up. "...Hey Zoro."
"Oh." Zoro said. "...Alright... I'm... thinking things."
"Oh yeah?" Nami asked, dropping onto Zoro's bed. "...What's up?"
Zoro got straight to the point: "...Let's be real here: we have sex here and there, yet we play the whole friend card.  We have everyone else being completely indifferent to that, save for that freaking chef, who we have to physically restrain whenever he sees that stuff in the making."
Nami shifted. "...Oh?
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 4 39
Frumplequest Attempt by Ego-Man25 Frumplequest Attempt :iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 6 18
Waveside Guard: Getting Those Alliances Out
Shelly and Cher were walking deep into the Soluna Fortress hall, heavy Persian-esqe decor permeating the palace hall. "You guys, uh..." Shelly was admittedly at a loss of words at the sheer culture surrounding her. "...So much HISTORY...!"
"This civilization has been around for literal millennia." Kenny said walking alongside Cher. "Soluna... once extended to the land where Slowleaf Peaks and the Kanto 'Empire' stand today.  Of course, they found their cultural independence 350 years ago."
"...Shit...!" Shelly cursed in wonderment. "...Wait, was that why-?"
"Yes." Sergeant Blitz explained. "350 years ago, the land over at the Kyrus Region half of the grand Soluna Empire, had begun to develop apart from the Soluna Empire, and the Solunite Emperor at the time had dismissed that infraction, feeling there was naught to be gained from the land there anyways."
(BGM: Lower Norfair, from Super Metroid OST)
Cher looked down. "To think... my heritage links over to this empire..."
Shelly poi
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 3 16
Nihilism by Ego-Man25 Nihilism :iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 4 4
Waveside Guard: The Northbound Empire
Several days had passed since Shelly and Cher had embarked on their journey northward to meet up with Jerome.  That is to say, they had to go around the Sapphire Temple to reach the main roads that would LEAD to Pyrus County.  Courtesy of the Emerald Dukedom's strong alliance with Waveside, Shelly had easy passage through the dukedom before heading northward.
The two Pokemon leaned on eachother's shoulders. "...Whew... oh man... oh my..." Shelly panted. "It's... further than I though... heh..."
"...My liege, I will walk the Earth with you." Cher said, equally exhausted. "...But pray tell, where is Cynderstohn supposed to be, milady?"
Shelly opened up the map. "Says here that Cynderstohn is over at Pyrus County, which I BELIEVE we have gotten close to." She then checked the map of the locals. "...We're at Dragoon County right now."
"...The Dragoonites?" Cher asked. "Pray tell, aren't they mostly Dragon-types?"
"Oh yeah." Shelly nodded. "Here's one now!"
A Druddigon was walking
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 3 22
Alolan Trial 8: Anger Precedes Apathy
At the Hau'oli Marina, Mao saw before him the pink haired captain Ilima, greeting him as such. "Yo cap!"
Ilima turned around, flashing a calm smile. "Oh?  Mao, I presume."
"Ilima, right?" Mao asked. "I'm thinkin' it's time for me to start doing shit with clearing trials now."
"Oh my." Ilima said bemusedly. "Refreshing to see someone get straight to the point like that, rather than have their mind clouded with anger."
"Wait, why's that?" Mao asked.
Mao turned around, and in front of him were the two skull hat guys from earlier, looking like they were healing from scrapes and injuries they had just sustained. "...Huh."
"Team Skull gonna meet you, no MATTER how we roll!" The grunt on the left said, before he and his right buddy waved their arms low and held their arms to their stomach at an arch.
Mao then faced Ilima again. "Anyways, my point is that I think I'm ready for more a dis."
Ilima paused briefly. "...Wait, that's right!  You got through the Trainer School
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 4 45
Immigrant Song- Alolan Trial Version
The opening begins with a sketch outline of Mao smiling as he looks up at the sky with Pain at his lap, and Rick and Boltshazar at his sides.  The color and tone sets in, revealing Mao sitting on unconcious Team Skull Grunts.
Aaaaaah, aaaaaah,
The title appears in huge letters, before we switch to Mao riding on a Taurus, charging ahead, Rick flying next to him.
We come from the land of the ice and snow,
From the midnight sun where the hot springs blow

We then cut to Mao chasing off after Nebby, on the rickety bridge towards the Ruins of Conflict.  The bridge soon collapses, causing the two to seemingly plummet to their death.
The hammer of the gods
Will drive our ships to new lands,

Then, we see Tapu Koko descending from the heavens above, swooping down and saving Mao and Nebby from their demise, with Mao opening his eyes in sheer astonishment.
To fight the horde, singing and crying,
Valhalla, I am coming!

Cue to Mao facing off against Kahuna Hala,
:iconego-man25:Ego-Man25 2 21
The stuff I make, and wish there was more of. Because that's how I am.

Random Favourites

Gear 4 by PlanarShift Gear 4 :iconplanarshift:PlanarShift 76 14 Tashigi -One Piece- by diabolumberto Tashigi -One Piece- :icondiabolumberto:diabolumberto 1,052 35 Gear Fourth - One Piece 784 by kingpaulie Gear Fourth - One Piece 784 :iconkingpaulie:kingpaulie 357 98 APH: Prussia by MachoMachi APH: Prussia :iconmachomachi:MachoMachi 4,683 509 Dodge Ball Z COLOR by ShirePower Dodge Ball Z COLOR :iconshirepower:ShirePower 43 32 Sanji by oranges-lemons Sanji :iconoranges-lemons:oranges-lemons 633 65 Major by IllusiveGemzy Major :iconillusivegemzy:IllusiveGemzy 144 30 Cartman by lovestosplooge Cartman :iconlovestosplooge:lovestosplooge 154 25 Bleach by Ellinor87 Bleach :iconellinor87:Ellinor87 1,393 171 Sakuya Izayoi by KiGaMin Sakuya Izayoi :iconkigamin:KiGaMin 275 118 Earthbound by inguz3 Earthbound :iconinguz3:inguz3 690 32 Persona 5 Arsene by kuro-mai Persona 5 Arsene :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 2,086 42 Unexpected Belly by pixiveo Unexpected Belly :iconpixiveo:pixiveo 3,164 517 One Piece by Risa1 One Piece :iconrisa1:Risa1 378 55 Ichigo x Goku by lrslink Ichigo x Goku :iconlrslink:lrslink 446 194 Buster- Arrested Development by zvizi Buster- Arrested Development :iconzvizi:zvizi 117 78
The stuff I wish I could make, but instead others make.


Well... this is a pretty humorous picture, to put it lightly, not to mention as in-character as you could possibly make it for Usopp. P...

Okay, this reminds me of a certain story that I've written, where some dudes were in a bathhouse rather than chicks. It had nothing to ...

Well then, let's get started, shall we? For starters, I like the idea of centralism being tossed out the window. You bring more of a na...

Now, as a One Piece fan, I must say, I very much enjoy how in-character you have Robin's reactions here. Yes, this not being OOC is a n...


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This is to get me to a comfortable position on deviantART. That being slightly loaded in points.

Just kidding. It's for me to show my awesomeness and the awesomeness of others to, well, others. Or something.

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Ryuko Time
Ryuko Time is a commission series where people can go nuts with what they want Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill to experience... within my limits, obviously.  That's right: I string together several random requests regarding Ryuko Matoi in a way where it become one coherent story.  That being said, One Piece is the series it's currently crossing over with. So yeah, go nuts, but keep in mind that my writing magic will be felt even here.

Price: 20:points: (may be subject to change)
Persona 4 Brig
You know that one videogame Persona 4? That one really, really good game?

Well I've decided to make a little commission stand about it. That's right: 40:points: will get me to making one of these stories.

Unlike Ryuko Time, these stories won't exactly connect together. (Though I can easily recind that statement later.) But they will ALWAYS be really good.

So, what'cha waiting for?



Lilo and Stitch. What are your thoughts on it?
How many of you here, are still up for reading my One Piece stuff?
That "Screw it" mentality of fanfic writers... once they reach that point, there is no return, for some decisions that they make.
For those who think they're a special snowflake, you're not.
So, anyone want to talk with me?
So, fun fact about Jack Black: he's actually been in TWO Dream Works properties, not just one.  First one was as Lenny the Shark in Shark Tale.  Ya know, THAT trash movie (that I have a nostalgia bias with somehow).  Then, somehow, he was hired on board to voice Po the Panda in the King Fu Panda movies, which... well, there's THREE of those movies, and all of them are really, REALLY outstanding.  And his performance as Po is one of his best works yet.

...Jack Black, I feel, is one of the more deceivingly talented actors out there.  We all assume he's just the rock 'n roll guy (that's what got him famous), but he's always got THOSE roles that throw everyone off guard.
Since my main man CyberKirby19 is now going to be on a cruise for a week or so, I'm gonna be collaborating with some others for a bit, and just in general get some stuff done here.

Still on my phone right now though, but hey, I wrote stuff on here before, right?  We gonna make it rain productivity up in here!  More MOTHER stuff, more Touhou stuff, more Pokémon stuff, maybe I'll throw in a Zelda thing or two.  And, fuck, MAYBE a One Piece thing here or there as well.

I swear to God though, I haven't made a One Piece thing in quite a while, and that was my original bread and butter on dA!


Ego-Man25's Profile Picture
Grant Nesselroad
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I have several year periods to where I stay at a state before moving into another one, I'm a writer, not a fighter, and I'm something of a major gamer first, with stuff like anime and movies coming second. And when it comes to anime, Dubs FTW. Oh, and also Chinese films. Comments would be greatly appreciated.

Okay, there's more to me than that. For those of you who don't know, or haven't read my stories, I am what you would call an anti-shipper. Not only do I not ship, I actually mock shipping in my stories. You know, point out how unlikely the ship actually is. That's because of this little thing I like to call: OTP. An OTP is essentially what fans clingy onto as their "One True Pairing". These get roasted by me. ALL of them. In One Piece in specific, the main characters have a bond that makes romance look weak in comparison. They don't exactly have to love eachother, but then, they trust eachother with their lives. Shipping misses the entire point of that show in my opinion. Thus, I don't ship.

Oh, and one more thing:

Frasier by ovstamps, Anti Yaoi Stamp by dementedmonkey, We Bare Bears Stamp by Amalockh1, Bleach Stamp by JackdawStamps, Etrian Odyssey - Stamp by Dre00iz, Undertale Stamp by slayer-plz, Anti-IchiRuki by Flare-Flare, Shikeyy Support Stamp by rockettreverie, :thumb86678541:, Anti-Shipping stamp by shawnguku

Post the following if you engage in RPs:


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One Piece Chapter 869 Spoilers:

Good News: The Heroes made it inside the castle.

Bad News: The Castle is far from invincible.

Other News: Anyone getting Sailor Moon/Power Rangers vive from Vinsmokes' Transformations?
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